A suitcase carried by a father who fled the Holocaust with his young family on a year long journey to a new continent in pursuit of safety…

A watch given to a young boy at his 13th birthday, now in his 70’s, it became his good luck charm throughout his life…..

A grandmother’s recipe that brings back all the memories of conversation around the family dinner table….

Photos of parents, grandparents, influential mentors and role models..

These are some of the many images that Visual History Collaborative gathers allowing an organization, foundation, or institution to honor and recognize donors.
This participatory and inclusive process invites contributors to build history together. The end result is a visual archive of the values and experiences that have
informed the philanthropy and dedication to the community.

Participants are asked to provide photos, documents and articles of personal significance… each element is blended into an art piece that reflects a community
of passionate caring people that have given so much and honors their contribution to community.